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Photo Shooting with Vilde in Prague

Aktualisiert: 25. Sept 2020

Thanks to the local photographer Fritz Lanbin (www.fritzlanbin.com) we could organize a photo shooting with Vilde at a pretty short notice. Therefore a big thanks to the flexibility of Fritz and Vilde.

As the weather forecast was not very encouraging for an outdoor shooting Fritz suggested to shooting at a historical building that serves as the Provincial Maternity Hospital. This was a great suggestion, it was warm and beautiful location with plenty of natural light. Surprisingly, at least for us Swiss people, was that nobody was asking what we do here or who we are.

So the planned outdoor shooting in the parks and streets from Prague turned into an indoor shooting at a historical site with a nice vintage feeling. Different setup and different style. Meaning different styles of clothing as well. Vilde made some suggestions by sending pictures and we quickly agreed on a set of clothes.

I guess it’s time to show you the pictures. Cheers, Daniel

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