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Photo Shooting with Blakylle in Leipzig, Germany

Aktualisiert: 25. Sept. 2020

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We are so happy that we could meet Blakylle in Leipzig to continue our project City Travel Portraits photo shooting.

Shooting in a foreign city comes with some challenges. First of all, we didn't know any special place to shoot.

Lucky in this case we arrived two days in advance so we could do some scouting and quickly figured out that Leipzig is the city of passages. So the idea was born to shoot in those passages. An additional benefit would be to be less dependent on the weather.

Secondly we were not very flexible and had only one small time slot of three hours on Saturday morning. Thanks to Blakylles flexibility this was not a problem.

The overarching theme was shooting with balloons, thanks to Blayklles tips we found a shop at the train station that sold balloons in all colors including helium. And btw in addition to the balloons we bought tons of props for the next party shooting.

The shooting started as planned and at this time the shops were still close. So the stream of people walking through the passage was manageable. This changed quick after the shops opened and shooting in the passage was not anymore possible. So we relocated to Opera building where I tried to avoid shooting in the open sun as good as possible. For the last scene with Blakylle sitting on a bench, we moved to a close by park.

What we learned:

  • Choose a quieter place or shoot outside the business hours

  •  Shooting with balloons on a cord under wind conditions is difficult as its very hard to control the movements of the balloons and the cords intertwine easily. In this case we lost quite some time to untangle them several times.

All in all, it was a great shooting. Blakylle did a fabulous job and we could capture some very nice pictures.

PS: We are so exited, why? Because our next City Travel Portraits photo shooting is planned in London. 

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