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Daniel & Anna-Rosa Photography

Travel Portrait Project

Aktualisiert: 25. Sept. 2020

We are always looking for people who like to collaborate. Please contact us if you like to collaborate or if you know someone who likes to collaborate in this project. No photo shooting experience is required.

The project was born 2016 in Vancouver with the first on location street photo shooting with the fabulous dancer Marcy.

The basic idea is to organize an on location photo shooting in each place we visit. In addition the photo shooting should be with someone living in this city, region or country.

Places we would like to organize photo shootings

  • New York from May 1. to May 28. 2019

  • Zürich, Switzerland (so close but still on the list)

  • Paris

  • Asterdam

  • Hamburg

  • Stockholm

  • St.Petersburg

Your city is not on the list, that doesn't matter we are flexible and can change the list as we like ;-)

Our codex

You must be 18 or older and you agree that the images will be used in our portfolio and internet postings. However before we post the images you can select and review all images. We only post images that you agree with! And of course you can use the images for you as well for non commercial purposes.


List of places we have been photo shooting:

Berlin, Tokyo, Vancover, Prague, Leipzig, St.Gallen, Luzern, London, Monopoli (Apulien, Italy), Mallorca at Palma, Santanyi and Portals Nous.

Polina, Berlin, October 2019

Haruka & Haruka, Tokyo, September 2019

Haruka - Night Shooting, Tokyo, September 2019

Maria and Pedro, Portals Nous, Mallorca, April 2018

Carmen, Santanyi, Mallorca, April 2018

Vali and Fabi, Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca, April 2018

Rossella and Vita, Monopoli, Italy, Octobre 2017 (Gallery)

London, UK, August 2017


Annie (Gallery)


Nataliia and Kids


Florin, Lucerne, Switzerland, May 2017

Nathalie, St. Gallen, Switzerland, May 2017

​Christin, Leipzig, Germany, May 2017

Vilde, Prague, Czech Republic, April 2017

Marcy, Vancouver, Canada, August 2016

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